My Story

My family were always passionate about studying nutrition and learning how to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle and so I had always taken pride in looking and feeling my best.

I started my journey in the industry as a phlebotomist working in clinics and hospitals seeing up to 80 patients a day. Patients were constantly wanting to book in with me as they felt safe in my presence.

I realised that I didn’t have any fear when working with needles and found an art in it. Since then, I’ve been repeatedly told how gentle I am with needles and people who had terrible experiences with blood draws in the past couldn’t believe how comfortable they felt with me.

I thoroughly enjoyed what I was doing and found it rewarding to make others feel good about themselves physically and psychologically.

I went on to work as a phlebotomist for a private clinic, and during my time there I learnt how to mix and administer IV drips and I fell in love with it!

I was helping cancer patients, lime disease patients, infertile patients and many more people to get their lives back on track. More importantly, their experiences at the clinic were positive, not traumatising.

My Passion

After having my daughter, I struggled with my health and skin. The more I researched the connection between mind, body and skin, I realised what the root cause of my problems were. I discovered that nutrition, lifestyle, mindset and the products we use all contribute to health and skin conditions.

After using this knowledge to make a few changes in my life, I managed to clear up these problems. I was finally happy with the skin that I was in, and this inspired me to become a holistic skin specialist.

I began studying beauty therapy and went on to study aesthetics while working at the clinics. This really enhanced my knowledge of anatomy and physiology, skin conditions, health conditions, contra actions and contraindications.

Marrying my enthusiasm for my work with my passion for beauty, I decided to follow my calling to start my very own beauty and wellness business, and Youthful Living was born!

I can honestly say that when I’m working, I’m not really working, I am in fact truly living my dream life, learning and thriving in an environment I was born to be in. I’m a strong believer that anything that we do in life, we must do with love and this is how I deliver my treatments.

I made it my mission to better my clients and share my knowledge to help people to feel younger on the outside and the inside so that everyone can live youthfully.

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