Whilst studying to be an aesthetician I was working as a phlebotomist and IV therapist in various hospitals and private clinics.

I knew that once I changed direction, I couldn’t possibly leave the IVs and blood draws behind. So, I decided to start my very own holistic health and beauty business.

I can honestly say that when I am working, I am not working, I am in fact truly living my dream life learning and thriving in an environment I was meant to be in.

This is what is most important for me, as all treatments will be delivered with love, and with anything that we do in life, we must do it with love!

Marrying my enthusiasm for my previous work combined with my passion for beauty, I decided to follow my calling start up my very own beauty and wellness business.

Over the years of working in the health and beauty sector, I have become fascinated with the connection between the mind, body and skin, and wished to help others better understand this connection too. And so Youthful Living was born.

I make it my mission to better my clients and share my knowledge to help people glow on the outside and the inside.



I offer an holistic, unique, bespoke service with free consultation. I work in a no pressure environment and if I feel the treatment may not benefit you I will be honest with you.
The infusions are not ready made like they are in most infusion centres/clinics. The vitamins are mixed just before administering the infusion. This way the vitamins remain active whilst you are having the infusion.
The aftercare advice is what is most important for me and I will do what I can to help you in other aspects of your life, whether it be diet, lifestyle or mind set, and even refer you to the right professional if I feel they can help you with other concerns you may have.
I work closely with other amazing medical and holistic professionals.


Depending on the specific nutrient-rich cocktail you choose, vitamin infusions can help heal wounds and repair damaged cells. It can also improve the health of your skin—your body’s first line of defence against disease and infection.
It is also much more effective to have infusions than it is taking supplements as it avoids the digestive system and goes through your blood stream and straight to the cells.


Vitamin infusions normally consist of water-soluble vitamins, whatever is extra and the body doesn’t need will simply be excreted from the body.
When it comes to fat-soluble vitamins, such as Vitamins D, K, E and A, it is better to get from your food, as an overload of fat-soluble vitamins can cause toxicity to the body.
All our Infusions are with water-soluble vitamins.
However, Vitamin D can be given as an intramuscular injection, but mustn’t be taken as regularly as the infusions.
It depends on the strength of the vitamin D that is being injected, as well as the dose that is prescribed to you by your practitioner. Please check your Vitamin D levels first.


In total, most of the treatments takes around 30 to 45 minutes for a complete session. This includes completing a few forms prior to your treatment as well as a quick health assessment.
Apart from the blood draws and vitamin shots which should take around 15 minutes.

What is the best form of contact to be able to make an appointment ?

If you email us for bookings or inquiries you should receive a reply within 24 hours.
If you wish to call please call between the hours of 9:30 am – 5:00 pm Monday to Friday.
If you can not call between those times then leave a voicemail and you will receive a call back the following working day.
To visit the clinic you must contact us to make an appointment first.


Yes, we take a £25 deposit for your first booking.
If for any reason you cannot make it, you must reschedule 48 hours prior to your appointment and we will hold on to your deposit.

Are there any Covid restrictions ?

Only three people can be in the room at the same time, therefore, friends or family members can not join unless they are also having treatments.
You will be sat at a distance from one another so it is up to you if you wish to wear a mask.
Hands must be washed before entering the room (can be done in the waiting room) and your temperature will also be checked prior to entering the room.



Thank you for visiting my website.
I look forward to seeing you. x

And remember to always take care
of your greatest gift, YOU!

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